Alfa Romeo 110th Anniversary Project

This artwork is the result of a month long personal project I did. This June 24th 2020 was the 110th Anniversary of the foundation of Alfa Romeo.

I love this brand and all it means to car nuts and car history itself, so I decided to do this homage in which I went through many of the models of the brand, one per day, to go over the history of the whole brand.

I loved the outcome and how the stylization turned out. It was hard to keep up, as I had to do at least one illustration per day so I could post one every day. Some days I even did more than one, to have some kind of buffer, so I could afford a day without illustrating (with an unrelated day job it's complicated to illustrate every day). The self-pressure was real and I'm not sure I would do another "draw every day" challenge, but I learned a lot and I'm very happy I did this at least one time.

I hope you like the result as much as I did!